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Li Yanxi: Young cadres need to cultivate their internal skills

Time: 2019-12-25 Source: Study Times

To take on the historical mission of young cadres, they must strengthen ideals and convictions, strengthen theoretical cultivation, keep in mind their original mission, constantly cultivate themselves, and take the initiative to act. This requires that we attach great importance to character cultivation and ability training, and to place hard work and internal skills in an important position. Young cadres practicing internal skills should focus on the following aspects.

Realm higher

Both morals and talents, and morality as the mainstay, are not only the criteria for selecting cadres, but also the inherent requirements for cadre cultivation. Personality is extremely important in life. Good character is the basic quality that a politician must possess and the key ethics for government. Young cadres should understand that no matter how the social climate and environment change, people's pursuit of truth, kindness, and beauty is eternal, and the desire for cadres' ideological realm and noble personality is also eternal.

First, political loyalty must be pure. Political loyalty is a fundamental requirement for politicians and a qualification for young cadres to perform their duties. Political loyalty must not be to say too much, to express your opinions, and to follow your voice, but to penetrate deep into the bone marrow, integrate into the blood, and manifest at a critical moment. On this issue, a few comrades say more than they do, and speak better than actions. Others talk empty words, and speak very beautifully and positively at work and formal occasions, but they are particularly aggrieved in the back ground. I was full of grumbles and lost the political character that a leading cadre should have; and some individuals who were thoughtful and politically speculative expressed their sensations in public, but did everything in private to do away with the party. When cultivating political character, young cadres must be politically determined, loyal to the party, the country, and the people, and strive for the cause of the party and the people; they must be consistent in words and deeds, be consistent in appearance, and face major tests and extremely complex situations. Always adhere to ideals and convictions, do not forget the original intention, and keep in mind the mission; we must strictly follow the requirements of the Party Central Committee and Party discipline, and fully demonstrate political loyalty with its exemplary behavior and good performance.

Second, fame and fortune thinking should be weak. As a leading cadre, we must downplay fame and fortune and put it in a suitable position. Practice has repeatedly proven that if cadres in charge of public power do not handle this well, they will inevitably become corrupt after they occupy important leadership positions. Young cadres must attach great importance to this issue and treat it carefully, consciously reaching a higher level. Young cadres should consciously strengthen their cultivation, solidify their desalination and fame as a life-long code of conduct, and always apply their minds to work, study, and cultivation.

Third, strict self-discipline standards. The strict self-discipline is the concentrated expression of the ideological realm. Some comrades around us who have good self-conditions, a solid foundation to start with, and hope for progress, many of them have been abandoned because of their lack of discipline, and some have even become spurned by the party and the people. The lessons are worth learning and reflection. In principle, we must act in accordance with the party's discipline and rules. We must not exercise flexibility or leave room for it. In some things that can be handled flexibly, stricter standards are higher, and no purposeful person can find a way out. It should also be recognized that strictness is all-round, not only in clean government, but also in accordance with the requirements of strict governance of the party, and must be strict in politics, work style, discipline, and rules. Work, life, within eight hours Be strict eight hours away. Really achieve a righteousness and a clean wind, and consciously become the person the party hopes and the people welcome.

Fourth, the spirit of responsibility must be strong. Cadres must have a highly responsible spirit, a state of full-hearted commitment, and achievable standards of competence, do a good job of their tasks, and complete their tasks. First of all, have a passion for work. On the road to politics, there will be many changes in the job position. Regardless of whether they are in line with their own interests and professions, they must be committed to work and love, and devote themselves to work. We must adhere to high standards. Regardless of the position in which you complete each task, it should be used as an important opportunity to demonstrate your ability and level in order to achieve the best results. Be bold and responsible. After entering the society, young cadres will encounter many difficult and troublesome things. After holding certain leadership positions, this situation will be more common. We must have the courage to perceive difficulties as usual and the perseverance to face difficulties, never give up, be aggressive, take on heavy burdens, dare to take responsibility, and be tested, exercised, and talented in completing difficult and dangerous tasks. To prevent interference with meditation work. In the process of growing young cadres, they will encounter many disturbances and temptations. They must develop a good habit of calming down to think about problems and saving themselves. No matter how lively and complex the outside world is, their minds and energy must be used in For work, for learning and thinking.

Be able to exercise a bit more

Young cadres must seize all available opportunities and fully exercise the abilities and levels required for future leadership.

One is the basic skills of hard work. This is the cornerstone of improving leadership ability. The foundation in this area is not solid. It is very difficult to improve leadership ability to reach a higher level. Improving basic skills requires more observation and comprehension. Be a good elementary school student. Observe, summarize, and refine the behavioral trajectories of those leaders who use their brains and perform outstanding tasks. If you do this a lot, you will realize something with regularity. We must carefully analyze the characteristics of comrades who speak efficiently, have good eloquence, and have strong writing skills, so as to improve their understanding of the law of speaking and writing. Summarizing the experience of successful leading cadres, "speaking" can quickly enter the theme, explain ideas deeply, pay proper attention to roles, and accurately grasp the time; "write" can propose ideas, outline, highlight themes, display ideas, and improve; There are ideas and methods that can enrich leadership intentions, improve the planned path, and operate concisely and efficiently. With these insights, there is a solid foundation for improving basic skills.

The second is to work hard to improve thinking ability. The growth rate of young cadres and the size of their progress space largely depend on their overall quality. The comprehensive improvement of overall quality is based on thinking. Thinking ability determines the moral quality of a cadre, which not only affects the work level and efficiency, but also affects a person's quality of life. People with strong thinking ability know how to arrange work reasonably, run concisely, and understand that life is content and fun. Young cadres should strengthen their study of basic Marxist theory. Theoretical books explain the truth of things and reveal the laws of things. Only by constantly learning, supplementing nutrition, and enriching wisdom can our thinking ability be improved. Read more philosophical works in your studies, master the scientific worldview and methodology, and enhance your understanding and grasp of the relationship between people, people and society, and people and nature. Pay attention to reading classics. Classics can raise humanistic literacy and analyze problem levels. Pay attention to reading history and biographies. It can speed up human maturity, enrich life experience, understand the true meaning of life, and enhance the comprehensiveness and accuracy of analyzing problems. To improve thinking ability, we must also be diligent in thinking and good at understanding. In the work process, in the processing of interpersonal relationships, and in social observation and analysis, he applies mental thinking and is good at drawing on the experience of others to make up for the lack of his own experience. It is necessary to perceive carefully the work and emotional matters, and work hard to reflect the laws, reveal the connotation, and the philosophy to guide your words and deeds. It is necessary to develop a good habit of conscious thinking and comprehension. Observe more people when you are in trouble, use more brains when you are in trouble, make more summaries in your work, and have more insights when you are done. Try to think about life inspiration and work wisdom.

The third is to delve into the knowledge of leadership. As the division of labor becomes more and more detailed, various parties in various fields are facing higher and higher requirements for specialization. Leadership, as an extremely complex, integrated and professional work, requires leadership cadres at all levels, especially young cadres, to work hard, think, and study. Some comrades do more work and think less in long-term work. They don't know enough about things with regularity. They are very busy all day, they can't even control their working time and energy, and their work results are not ideal. In fact, many aspects of leadership work follow a regular pattern. For example, how to be a full-time, deputy and officer. Each role has specific requirements. If you do a good job, you can take it easy and receive good results, otherwise it will be difficult to be competent. When working in a full-time job, you need to plan for a blueprint for work; coordinate to form a working force; let go and tap the potential of a side job; take part and pick up the burden of work; take responsibility and bear various pressures; unblock and create a good environment. As a deputy, you need to be a supporting role, be strict with rules, take the initiative to cooperate, and dare to assume the role. When you're an officer, you need to practice your internal skills, say less and do more. Summarizing the experience of successful leaders, in the realm, "the mind is used in work, the emotions are attached to the people's hearts, the style is twisted in seeking truth, and the honor is recorded in the collective"; Command, concise and effective command, coordinated and effective. " If the leading cadres do so, they will reduce a lot of trouble, avoid many problems, and become highly respected leading cadres. For another example, how to make decisions on major issues, how to do a good job of investigation and research, how to improve the ability to organize and direct, how to enhance the ability to mobilize and coordinate, how to do a good job of leading a team, how to do a good job of the masses, and so on. These are problems that are often encountered in leadership work. They can be summarized regularly, and must be overcome. They should be studied carefully. Leadership knowledge has improved, and no matter how the role changes, due diligence will be handy.

Tempered a little bit better

When young cadres are practicing their internal skills, their character cultivation must not be ignored and relaxed. The character of a cadre is an important factor for condensing emotions, obtaining support, releasing talents, and playing a role. In the process of growth and progress, young cadres need to organize attention, leadership care, colleagues support, friends remind. To make these aspects positive energy on the growth path is largely determined by personality. Therefore, young cadres must attach importance to tempering their character.

The first is to maintain a positive attitude. The positive attitude is manifested in a positive attitude towards work, optimism, and smile. No matter how difficult or aggrieved young cadres are on the road of life, they must take a positive view of everything around them, treat society properly, treat collectives, treat leaders, colleagues and friends, and treat life optimistically. The negative aspects of society and the limitations of others should only be used as materials for thinking, not as topics for discussion. Regardless of your own state of mind, you must rely on your own careful digestion, and it must release positive energy. In this way, we can promote social integrity, maintain collective harmony, and protect ourselves. To maintain a positive attitude, the most basic is to strengthen cultivation, temper good character, and establish a correct worldview and values. In terms of methods and paths, we must be good at constantly discovering and experiencing beauty. Observe and talk about the good things in nature, remember, and taste the good times in interpersonal relationships, appreciate and appreciate the good character of colleagues and friends, and deal with and make friends with comrades with good personality and mentality. If you persist in doing so for a long time, you will be used to observing the good times, discovering the beautiful environment, and looking forward to a better life with a good eye, and you will understand contentment and cultivate a good attitude.

The second is to try to avoid extremes. Extreme is the biggest stumbling block in the growth of young cadres. Some young cadres are prone to irrational and extreme words and deeds when they are in a bad mood, work is not smooth, and progress is not smooth. Extreme words and deeds are the most emotional, and will also bring torture and loss of progress. Cadres who are prone to extremes have a direct consequence that they are prone to the opposite in their work. Every young cadre should be aware that when the opposite appears, it is often difficult to resolve, and over time, it will seriously affect their mood, work and pace. We must not arbitrarily on this issue, we should always remind ourselves not to do things that harm others.

Third, don't be stubborn. Politicians must have self-confidence, and lack of self-confidence is difficult to achieve. But it must be based on a comprehensive understanding of subjectivity and a full understanding of objectiveness, otherwise, it will make people feel blindly confident, out of bounds, and trigger many situations that are not conducive to growth. Leadership is extremely complicated, and it contains rich wisdom. It is difficult to understand the truth without in-depth understanding and long-term physical thoughts. Although young cadres have certain advantages in education, thinking, and insight, it is not enough to do good leadership work. They must also have strategic wisdom and experience. Young cadres must be in the right place, and they must be confident and not conceited. Especially when they are in the process of drafting major manuscripts, planning major events, and making major decisions, they must be good at being listeners and observers. On the one hand, if you have a little knowledge, you can talk freely and stick to your own opinions, not to mention being proud and light-hearted because some of your opinions have been affirmed by the leadership. In these areas, we must be sober and rational. We must not only dare to give opinions, but also be good at giving them up. Don't bring sequelae due to improper handling and excessive adherence in this area.

The fourth is to withstand grievances. On the road to politics, anyone will experience setbacks and grievances. At this time, for a considerable number of people, it is an important turning point in the mentality from positive to negative; for excellent people, it is an important opportunity to enrich life, win recognition, and achieve victory on the other side. When young cadres encountered this situation in their growth, they must remain calm and secure, and believe that the organization and most comrades must do a better job. We must realize from the bottom of our hearts that a moment of grievance may be unbearable in a short time, but it is nothing more than a small spray in the river of human growth. When you feel unfair, unreasonable, or unreasonable, you must not take the anger of your work and influence your work. Instead, you must always believe in organization and do your work well.

Editor-in-chief: Wang Diantong

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